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Tech Update

tech-fest update to site, add switcher for subsequent year events leaving historic site intact for future reference.

Liberty Bridge

One of my long term clients for whom I have carried out a number of small projects across their various domains; wanted to create a bridge site to encompass all of their groups various domains into a single group domain.

Legion Website

The American Legion is a community service organization that works to preserve the rights of war veterans. When they initially asked me to help rebuild their established website they had a number of guidelines, simple, clean and accessible.

Whilst the American Legion is a massive organization boasting memberships in their millions, this site was intended to act on a more local scale within the district and environs of Arizona, their local organization is more commonly referred to as Post 96.

Clean and simple

I was asked by a previous client to help him out on his latest venture where he was setting up his own chiropractic surgery and needed a clean, authoritative website that he could use to display client testimonials.

Gallus Tech

I was recently approached by UK events management company Gallus Events to help promote their upcoming event Tech-fest. The site brief was short and concise and the design was to be based on previous marketing materials and existing branding. There was no requirement for a content management system as the site would not be updated and there was really no need to put the overheads on the server for a fully blown dynamic system.

Crash Repair

The website design and build was my first real foray into using Drupal 7 for a client project, and I am glad to say it exceeded my expectations.

The original site brief called for a number of addition functions to allow user interaction with the site. Many of the requirements where fulfilled by the excellent Drupal community of module developers.


Over the years I hvave carried out a number of projects for Arizona based Press1ToTalk so when the opportunity arose to help them redevelop their old website I was looking forward to repaying their faith in me by building them a website that would show off their products to the best of its ability.

Jungle Redesign

Jungle Creative design for Drupal 6

** This post was written in retrospect.

The redesign for this site saw it also being upgraded to Drupal 6.

Thankfully there is a capture of the site saved for posterity in the Wayback Machine.

Get Legal

When Scottsdale based law firm Walker & Peskind wanted to revitalize their website they turned to me to help bring new life to their online presence.

As with many clients these days my first recommendation was to install a content management system to enable easy updates to page content and the site structure.


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