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For the last 2 years I have worked in conjunction with a distributed team to produce and maintain the website of a major German fashion retailer.

When I started on the project I was helping to support an old file-system using different tools for the blog and products library and a custom front-end display system that was ...

Health Matters

I have recently finished a contract with a client that has taken at lot of my time over the last 18 months, they are a private medical group based in Singapore that performs stem cell replacement therapies. I answered a request for help for a "slow site" in a post in a forum; they liked my proposals and I then spent the next 18 months working on various aspects ...

Liberty for Students

One of my previous clients asked me to help design a simple form that would stand on its own site for collection customer registrations for a charity event for a local school.

Rather than present a simple form we chose to present a little more information about the campaign using a responsive designed single scrolling page that presented the user with a clean and easy to use form at the end.

Desert Glass

I was tasked by Desert Shield Auto Glass with creating a site that would be bright and bold and be esay to use on smaller devices. It was felt that many visitors to this site would be using mobile phones so we had to make sure it performed just as well on smaller screens as it would on desktop monitors.

The branding was already pretty set from the companies existing livery so translating it to the web was fairly straight forward.


Drupal 7 website design and build for Arizona based pest control company.

Payformans Drupal

I was recently contracted by a French banking technology firm to create a Drupal 7 theme for a design that was created by their own graphic designers. The initial design only presented a desktop view of the website so I had to use various best practices and modern conventions when it came to the responsive nature of the design.

Rabbit Habit

Usually at the start of a new web project you eagerly await the website images provided by the client. On this project the images were like nothing I had used before; who doesn't like rabbits!.

This Drupal website design and build was for a South Carolina based rabbit breeder but the emphasis was on functionality over design. It was decided to go with a popular base theme and build on top of that the speed up development and allow us to get into the creation of the content.

Legal Upgrade

One of my previous clients approached me when they wanted to bring their site up to date with an upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. It was not deemed necessary to redesign the site as the branding was pretty much spot on with the current design although I did introduce a few additional CSS3 tweaks and attributes that where not so widely adopted across the main-stream browsers when the site was initially created.

Fight Site

The development of the Horizon Muay Thai website brought lots of challenges throughout the process and allowed us to refine our ideas and really explore how visitors would use the site.

The sites design was originally proposed by a designer from the client and whilst I didn't wholly agree with many of the ideas I could see that the team were open and wiling to listen to ideas to make the website more appealing to the visitors and increase the usability of the site.

Bookings Changes

work on

wordpress site

full update, remove dead plugins, add suitable ones.

Clone theme; add small tweaks to set it apart from others.

content rework, problem and solution

gallery management and display

simple custom reservation system


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