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Legal Upgrade

One of my previous clients approached me when they wanted to bring their site up to date with an upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. It was not deemed necessary to redesign the site as the branding was pretty much spot on with the current design although I did introduce a few additional CSS3 tweaks and attributes that where not so widely adopted across the main-stream browsers when the site was initially created.

Fight Site

The development of the Horizon Muay Thai website brought lots of challenges throughout the process and allowed us to refine our ideas and really explore how visitors would use the site.

The sites design was originally proposed by a designer from the client and whilst I didn't wholly agree with many of the ideas I could see that the team were open and wiling to listen to ideas to make the website more appealing to the visitors and increase the usability of the site.

Bookings Changes

work on

wordpress site

full update, remove dead plugins, add suitable ones.

Clone theme; add small tweaks to set it apart from others.

content rework, problem and solution

gallery management and display

simple custom reservation system

Athletic Logo

Logo design and development for logo for Arizona Athletic Association

Social Logo

I was asked by UK events management company Gallus Events to come up with an idea for their forthcoming conference titled 'How to rock the world of social media' and was pretty much given free reign to create what I felt was best to get the branding across to the conference attendees.

Tech Update

tech-fest update to site, add switcher for subsequent year events leaving historic site intact for future reference.

Liberty Bridge

One of my long term clients for whom I have carried out a number of small projects across their various domains; wanted to create a bridge site to encompass all of their groups various domains into a single group domain.

Legion Website

The American Legion is a community service organization that works to preserve the rights of war veterans. When they initially asked me to help rebuild their established website they had a number of guidelines, simple, clean and accessible.

Whilst the American Legion is a massive organization boasting memberships in their millions, this site was intended to act on a more local scale within the district and environs of Arizona, their local organization is more commonly referred to as Post 96.

Clean and simple

I was asked by a previous client to help him out on his latest venture where he was setting up his own chiropractic surgery and needed a clean, authoritative website that he could use to display client testimonials.


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