Social Logo

I was asked by UK events management company Gallus Events to come up with an idea for their forthcoming conference titled 'How to rock the world of social media' and was pretty much given free reign to create what I felt was best to get the branding across to the conference attendees.

My initial thoughts was to play with the wording in differing formats as the conference title really did seem like the best use of a 'logo' for the event. Playing with formats created from the popular word arrangement site Wordle I decided upon an arrangement of the words with the size defined by their importance within the name. I started out with a text listing of the words and then multiplied them until they where sorted by amounts with some words having multiple entries and others only having one or two. This allowed me to actually use the Wordle site to try out different ideas and arrangements until I felt inspired by one.

Eventually are much experimentation I settled on an arrangement that left quite a bit of white space between the words so that they could then be filled with icon graphics depicting many of the top social networks in use today, to further emphasize the 'social' aspect of the logo.

The final rendering was created as a vector image using Adobe Illustrator so that it could be resized and used in a variety of formats without any loss of quality or edge fidelity

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