Flux Slider

Whilst I was creating the Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp website I employed the use of the excellent Flux Slider JavaScript Library to help with some image transitions. I mainly went for it due to its fantastic effect using CSS3 transitions to achieve great results.

Once the demo was up and running it was looking good but I wanted to integrate the Flux Slider code better with Drupal so I searched the contributed modules directories but could find nothing that used that library, so I created one!

The Flux Slider module acts as a bridge between the library and Drupal and provides an interface to set the different variables within the script.

The module creates a block which can be positioned within the main blocks configuration page. Currently it is only supporting 4 images to be used within the slider along with 4 captions to appear with the transition. The images are currently served from the modules /images/ directory but the image path can be changed to anything that is within the public files folders.

Slide Transitions

The available transitions are:

  • 2D:
    • bars, blinds, blocks, blocks2, concentric, dissolve, slide, warp, zip
  • 3D:
    • bars3D, blinds3D, cube, tiles3D, turn

Available Controls

Slider control features available through the administration panel are;

  • transition type
  • transition auto-play
  • transition delay
  • transition pagination controls display
  • transition controls display
  • transition captions
  • slider width
  • slider height

Make sure to keep it in mind for your next project.

Update: 20th August 2013
This module has now been available for download for over 6 months now and I am glad to say that it has notched up over 1500 downloads with close to 200 sites reporting their use of the module. This coupled with the small handful of bug reports shows the success of the module and the quality of the code, both of which makes me happy.

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