Download Verify

I was asked by UK bathrooms specialist James Hargreaves Bathrooms to create a Drupal module that would help them to expand their marketing contact listings.

On their current website they have a number of sections that offer downloadable PDFs containing specification sheets and various marketing materials. They are experiencing a high number of these being downloaded and thought it would be advantageous to their marketing efforts if they knew who was downloading these documents.

The additional module had to perform the following tasks:

  • Attach popup functionality to existing download links
  • Embed an email capable form to popup requiring the user complete it before the download starts
  • The form comprises of fields for forename, surname and email address.
  • Completion of the form emails the details to the site admin
  • Users who complete the form have a cookie set on their machine to avoid future download forms.

The initial brief allowed me offer a number of optional build methods, all differing in their use of the Drupal API with the obvious effects on time-frames and pricing. The method we chose to employ was to use the 'Drupal Way' of adding functionality to a website is to construct a module that adds the required functionality into the website.

Since we were to be constructing a contributed module that could be installed as we would any other I asked the client if they would consider contributing to the Drupal project with this module and releasing it with an Open Source licence for use by the general public on The client was only too happy to allow for this to be released, a move that I believe aids in the modules development and ongoing security as there are many more eyes and website environments for it to operate within.

After a successful transition from the initial alpha version the final release was pushed live on and within its first week of release notched up 45 downloads and shows 12 websites already actively using it.

See the Drupal module page for the Download Verify module for further information and maybe to try it out on your own website.

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