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Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual, a community of users, or an enterprise to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website.

Drupal is open-source software distributed under the GPL ("GNU General Public License") and is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers.

Although Drupal is often described as a "content management system" (CMS), it is also a "content management framework" (CMF). In other words, unlike a typical CMS, it is geared more towards configuration and customization.

The first version of Drupal 6 was launched on in February of 2008 and has grown immensely until its final 6.38 release in Feb of 2016.

On February 24th 2016, Drupal 6 reached its end of life and will no longer be supported.

Get in touch to upgrade your Drupal 6 site.

Flux Slider

Whilst I was creating the Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp website I employed the use of the excellent Flux Slider JavaScript Library to help with some image transitions. I mainly went for it due to its fantastic effect using CSS3 transitions to achieve great results.

Once the demo was up and running it was looking good but I wanted to integrate the Flux Slider code better with Drupal so I searched the contributed modules directories but could find nothing that used that library, so I created one!


I have been using Drupal for various projects for quite a few years now and have created a few simple modules to create additional functionality to the system. I had never actually applied for vetted access to the Git repository so anything I have made is not available for public download.

Jungle Redesign

Jungle Creative design for Drupal 6

** This post was written in retrospect.

The redesign for this site saw it also being upgraded to Drupal 6.

Thankfully there is a capture of the site saved for posterity in the Wayback Machine.

Get Legal

When Scottsdale based law firm Walker & Peskind wanted to revitalize their website they turned to me to help bring new life to their online presence.

As with many clients these days my first recommendation was to install a content management system to enable easy updates to page content and the site structure.

The Dive Inn

Local scuba diving school The Dive Inn, based in Chaloklam contacted me when they wanted to rebuild their whole website from the ground up.

This was not to be a basic build as they wanted to use the site to show their massive collection of marine life photographs and to help structure this collection in a meaningfull and searchable container.

Phangan Beach Resort

The website for the Phangan Beach Resort was previously a full flash website, certainly something that really doesnt cut it in this day and age of iPhones and Ipads (which dont display flash based content)

I initially put a number of designs in front of them but from the beginning there was one clear winner which was a design I had based on photographs of textures and materials from the resort.

Phangan Divers

Local dive shop operator Phangan Divers contacted me when they wanted to bring their old static website up to scratch with new information and an improved design.

The brief for this project was to streamline the content and navigation and give the site owner the option of adding to a phpotoi gallery and accepting online bookings and payments for dive courses.

My inital desigh prototypes where all rejected in favour of a rather plain looking design that the client felt worked good on other sites.

Where Is She?

I was initially approached to work on the travel site aimed at single female travellers by an Australian graphic designer who had seemingly lost his way theming the site with Vanilla and then becoming rather stuck trying to fulfil the clients requests for functionality.

Grand Sea Resort

The Grand Sea Resort recently underwent some big changes to the resort with the construction the Grand Wing complex comprising a new swimming pool, 50 extra rooms, including 4 large VIP suites and a new restaurant. It only seemed right that they should overhaul their website to keep it in line with their fabulous new additions to the resort.

My brief was simple, build a site that they could add to when they needed to whilst keeping the design clean, tasteful and in line with their current branding and colour schemes.

Creative Writer

Creative writer and blogger Natalie Revie approached me when she got tired of her old blog design and wanted something more inline with her personality.

After many hours and countless iterations that dealt mainly with changing fonts and background gradients the final design was put live on her site.


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