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Design and build for Arizona based pest control company.

View the site at AZTECA Pest Control.

Payformans Drupal

I was recently contracted by a French banking technology firm to create a Drupal 7 theme for a design that was created by their own graphic designers. The initial design only presented a desktop view of the website so I had to use various best practices and modern conventions when it came to the responsive nature of the design.

Download Verify

I was asked by UK bathrooms specialist James Hargreaves Bathrooms to create a Drupal module that would help them to expand their marketing contact listings.

On their current website they have a number of sections that offer downloadable PDFs containing specification sheets and various marketing materials. They are experiencing a high number of these being downloaded and thought it would be advantageous to their marketing efforts if they knew who was downloading these documents.

Rabbit Habit

Website design and build for a South Carolina based rabbit breeder.

See the site at Wilson's Rabbit Habit.

Flux Slider

Whilst I was creating the Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp website I employed the use of the excellent Flux Slider JavaScript Library to help with some image transitions. I mainly went for it due to its fantastic effect using CSS3 transitions to achieve great results.

Once the demo was up and running it was looking good but I wanted to integrate the Flux Slider code better with Drupal so I searched the contributed modules directories but could find nothing that used that library, so I created one!

Social Liberty

When embarking on a social media marketing campaign one of the many things you can do to align your branding across social media sites is to ensure all available page graphics are designed and branded with your company logo and colours.

Twitter allows for its users to upload a custom background to enhance their page. With some careful attention to screen sizes and spacing a custom Twitter background is a valuable addition giving extra information to your users when it is placed around Twitters existing interface elements.

Legal Upgrade

One of my previous clients approached me when they wanted to bring their site up to date with an upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. It was not deemed necessary to redesign the site as the branding was pretty much spot on with the current design although I did introduce a few additional CSS3 tweaks and attributes that where not so widely adopted across the main-stream browsers when the site was initially created.

Fight Site

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avoid any design credit.

problems faced with old site; visit numbers compared to history

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