Drupal Website Development

For a number of years Jungle Creative has developed websites using the content management framework Drupal. This is an extremely powerful and agile framework capable of running small blog sites to fully blown interactive e-commerce sites.

The true power of Drupal is its extendability, it can be whatever you want it to be. If you need a simple blog serving a few static pages, job done; you need a fairly mid-size 100+ page website with some complex forms, user forums, user profiles, no problem; or how about a full blown e-commerce site with multiple categories with 100's of products with payment processing, shopping carts, the works; again, yeah; no problem Drupal has it covered.

More often than not, whatever additional functionality you need in your website; you will always find a contributed module to fit your needs. In that odd situation where we actually need to write a module because your needs are so out-of-this-world; then we write a module to fit those needs; and in the Open Source spirit of Drupal we submit it back into the contributed modules. Everyone wins!

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