Clean and eye catching design

Give your website a chance to let it stand out from your competitors with a crisp and modern design that will enable your site visitors to use your site and possibly even enjoy it!


Optimized for mobile devices

A 'mobile first' and 'responsive' development approach ensures that your website content is always accessible and usable regardless of the users device.


Offering measurable results

I can help you to measure your websites ratings and popularity, before, during and after the redesign, this will allow you to target your marketing more effectively.


True flexibility

A content managed website empowers the sites owner for the future and allows you to create content as and when it is needed without the expense of further developers fees.


Jungle Creative is the design & development portfolio of Ray Nimmo

I provide high quality full-service website design, website development, graphic and logo design for individuals, small businesses, service providers, and freelance professionals.

I design websites that are clean and appealing and aim to satisfy the users requirements from the site.

I create robust and secure websites using standards based HTML and finely crafted CSS, all created as legible, semantic and structured code.

Website Design

The vast majority of clients already have an idea of how the want their website to look and perform, some even have layouts and colour schemes in mind.

It is not the designers job to simply copy these items but to use them as an aid in crafting the perfect website for the client that is appealing to their intended visitors whilst keeping as close to the clients initial vision as possible.

My client-centric approach to design keeps you involved with all of the decisions made during the development phase.

Website Development

Sometimes a static website just won't do - Perhaps you need something a little more dynamic! I'll work with you to determine what you need and recommend a system that will work for you and your site visitors.

Website blogs, chat-rooms, interactive galleries and maps can enhance the user experience and ensure return visits and will help the project reach its goals and expectations.

A modern CMS will give you the flexibility and control to help drive visitors to your site with dynamic and adaptable content.

Logo & Identity Design

It's important for your business to stand out amongst your competitors and portray the right look and feel for your niche market.

I can help you define your individual style and take your business to the next level with modern, recognizable branding that can be used across a range of sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Appropriately sized and branded icons and images on social networks ensures your business persona ties in with your standard company branding.

Website Maintenance

If running your website is a bit too high-maintenance for you or your in-house staff, I can work with you to develop a custom ongoing maintenance plan that will esure your webspace is kept secure and your site content is fresh.

This can be anything from frequent content or module updates, monthly or seasonal themed designs, promotional sale or event graphics, as well as regular website backup services.

Successful websites require a constant hands-on approach to keep them at the top of the search rankings.

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